Successor to three generations of knowledge and passion, Gerard Neumeyer grants his vineyard, located on the hill at Molsheim, all the delicate care it requires to blossom fully. He also knows how to attend to it with the strength and vigour that make an exceptional vintage.
Such generous and passionate commitment and such constant undivided attention drive him to instil the land its finest inspirations...
Already renowned in 1316 for its great vintage which, at the time, was a credit to the tables of the powerful and mighty, the Bruderthal enjoys all the conditions necessary to grow exceptional wines.
Facing the southeast, vineyards have the benefit of ideal sunshine and excellent marly limestone shelly. Gabrielle and Gerard work their land in depth to draw its finest expressions while also protecting the vineyard’s balance and its ecosystem by practising sustainable growing methods.
Expressive, balanced and demonstrating rare delicacy, wines grown by Gerard Neumeyer are the promise of fulfilled satisfaction.
Alsace, Alsace Grand Cru Bruderthal, Vendanges Tardives, Sélections de Grains Nobles or Crémant d’Alsace...
All these wines are evidence of the patience, respect and rigour deployed by Gabrielle and Gerard Neumeyer throughout the year to offer intense pleasure to your taste buds and to bring you ever so close to sheer happiness...